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Corrective Maintenance INSTRUCTIONS


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Instructions on keying in a corrective maintenance web request


  1. Determine if your request is an emergency or not.  If you are reporting smoke, water leaking, fire, etc., please call 684-3232 to report this emergency.  If this is a general request, then continue with step 2.
  2. Open Internet Explorer (You must use Internet Explorer for your request to go through properly).
  3. Start at the E&O main website.  http://eo.duhs.duke.edu
  4. Click on E&O 3232 Maintenance Requests in the bottom left-hand corner of the main webpage.



  1. Now select the link that corresponds with the area where you are physically located.  If you are unsure about the building in which you are located, check the list of buildings that correspond to each site attached to this instruction sheet.  For the purposes of this example, we will pick “Center For Living”                      


  1. Now we are at the actual form that you will fill out.  It looks like this.  Please note, all fields that have an asterisk at the end of the name are required:


  1. You begin by adding a description of the maintenance problem that you are reporting (this is a required field)

  1. Next, select the building that you are in (this is a required field)


  1.  Next, select the floor or area where you are located within the building (note, you should only see floors/areas that pertain to your building.  If you do not, please let us know at 684-3232.  This is a required field)

  1. Next, type in your room number or area description (Note:  The system automatically copies the floor/area info from the previous screen.  You will need to delete this to type your room/area description (this is a required field)


  1. Next, type your contact info in the next four fields.  Start with your name in the requestor field, then your phone number (These are required).  Then you have the option of providing your pager and email.  (Note, if you include your email address, you will get a confirmation of your ticket request as well as a notification that the work requested on the ticket has been completed:

  1. Finally, use the requester remarks field to put any other information that you think might help the maintenance technician complete the work:


Online Instructions
Download Instructions on Submitting 3232 Maintenance Requests in Microsoft Word format
Download Instructions on Submitting 3232 Maintenance Requests in PDF format
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