Engineering & Operations
Medical Center Instrument Shop
The Medical Instrument Shop is a design, manufacturing, and repair facility that provides a broad spectrum of services to the Duke University community. While the primary focuses are maintaining laboratory equipment for research purposes, they also offer mechanical and electronic project engineering, CNC machining capability, computer integration, CAD drawings, and fiber optic experience provided by our instrument makers and electronic technicians. This shop has been instrumental in the design and construction of several projects that have gone on to be patented or have advanced the state of the art. Project planning consultations and estimates are available at no cost.

Medical Center Instrument Shop
A Division of Engineering & Operations
3438 Hillsborough Road
Durham, North Carolina

Shop:  919-684-3464
Shop Supervisor:  Travis Rigsbee | 919-613-5627 |
Donald V. Pearce | 919-613-5626 |
John Terry | 919-643-5640 |
David Tapp | 919-613-5609 |

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